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Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department Annual Report


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Mar 20, 2017 6:00 PM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
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Chief Hart and Deputy Chief Poulin of Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department presented an annual report to Commissioners. Chief Hart introduced fire fighters in attendance and thanked Commissioner Mike Payment for 5 years of volunteer service. The Chief noted annual increases in call statistics, reviewed available rescue apparatus at Lower Currituck facilities and discussed installing dash cams with audio in fire apparatus, which he says will decrease insurance rates and assist with evaluating call responses.

Deputy Chief Poulin presented information on their hydrant maintenance program and said the department is on track to finish all hydrants by the end of the month. He said hydrant locations from the county's GIS mapping system have been installed into their call response software and is working well. Deputy Chief Poulin said the hydrant maintenance has provided additional training opportunities for members such as driver training, water flows and district orientation. He discussed the PS Trax inventory software program and explained the Knox Box program which allows the department to access property after hours for alarm calls. The department's recruitment video was shown to the Board.