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1:00 PM Budget Work Session


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Mar 20, 2017 6:00 PM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
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County Manager, Dan Scanlon, began with a review of special revenue funds in the county's budget, including the revaluation fund, emergency telephone system fund, and service districts. Mr. Scanlon discussed service district tax assessments and collections, and recommended tax cuts for the Whalehead Beach Solid Waste District and Whalehead Stormwater Improvement District. Staff members Will Creef, Soil and Water, and Eric Weatherly, County Engineer, talked about stormwater service districts in Moyock and the Carova Beach Road Service District, and noted general challenges with ditch maintenance and drainage. After discussion, Commissioner Beaumont suggested the owner of the roads in Carova be put on notice of the unsafe road conditions to reduce County liability and perhaps encourage the owner to maintain the roads. Documents were distributed that showed current county-maintained roadways and proposed roads with maintenance costs should they be added to the Carova Beach Service District. Mr. Scanlon told the Board no tax is assessed in the Carova Road Service District. Documents containing Moyock Stormwater District maps, ditch locations and statistics, a cost history of maintenance dollars spent and future cost projections for maintenance such as debris removal and snagging and clearing were also presented for Board review.

Denise Hall, Registrar, presented the Register of Deeds budget request for the upcoming year. Ms. Hall noted expense line items and changes and highlighted a particular increase related to records preservation needed for deteriorating paper records. Salary increases for the Registrar and staff were proposed. Ms. Hall asked the Board to consider adopting a Resolution at the Commissioner meeting to support the possible opening of a satellite Registrar's office in Corolla. Discussion of proposed services, projected revenues, costs, work load and staffing resulted in the Board's decision not to adopt a Resolution at this time, as more information and discussion is needed.

Sheriff Susan Johnson and Chief Deputy Matt Beichert also presented the Sheriff's budget requests. Sheriff Johnson requested five additional staff, to include four deputies and one civilian evidence vault technician. She said four deputies would also be requested in next year's budget. Logistical challenges were discussed, and Sheriff Johnson noted increases in population and the number of subdivisions result in an increase in the number of calls and response times. Sheriff Johnson described her departmental responsibilities and challenges related to mental health transport and services. She presented the idea of utilizing a formula to determine the need for deputies based on new subdivisions and population. Mr. Scanlon said he would take a look at the financial impact of using a formula. General discussion included retirement benefit costs, school expenses for events, drug dogs and ferry escorts, and grant dollars included in the departmental budget.

With no additional discussion, the Board adjourned the work session and entered Closed Session.