I. Welcome
1. Roll Call
II. Old Business
A. Final Survey Results and Website Update
1. County Wide Survey Summary
2. Northern Mainland Survey Summary
3. Southern Mainland Survey Summary
4. Corolla Survey Summary
5. Off-Road Area Survey Summary
6. Knotts Island and Gibbs Woods Survey Summary
B. Infrastructure and Services Policy Guide
1. Infrastructure and County Services- Draft Policy Guide
III. New Business
A. Environment- Charlan Owens, Division of Coastal Management
1. DCM Presentation
B. Environment - Lora Eddy & Brian Boutin, The Nature Conservancy
1. TNC Presentation
C. Developable acreage analysis and Land Suitability Model
D. Growth scenarios model
IV. Public Comments
V. Committee Member Comments
VI. Announcements
A. Next Meeting Date - January 30, 2017
VII. Adjournment
VIII. Communications
A. Reports
1. Staff PowerPoint