I. Call to Order
Roll Call
A. Approval of Agenda
1. Motion
II. Approval of November 19, 2015 Minutes
1. Wild Horse Advisory Board Meeting Minutes from November 19 2015
III. Administrative Reports
A. Quarterly Report from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund
1. Corolla Wild Horse Fund Quarterly Report
documentBoard Agenda Printout
a. WHAB February 2016
b. Copy of CWHF_Training_Log_Blank
c. Corolla Table
d. Corolla Fecal Collection Results 9-30-15
e. CorollaStudyPublished
2. Deaths and Removals Since September 28, 2015 Census
IV. Old Business
A. Aerial Census Population Comparison
1. Aerial Census Population Comparison - Map
documentBoard Agenda Printout
a. Population Comparison 2014-2015
V. New Business
A. Advisory Board Member Comments
1. Corolla Wild Horse Fund
2. Currituck County
3. North Carolina Division of Coastal Management
4. Currituck National Wildlife Refuge
5. Citizen
VI. Announcements
A. Meeting Dates and Times
VII. Adjourn
1. Motion to Adjourn