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5:00 PM Discussion of County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 10, Article II, Div 2: Vehicles and Horses on the Outer Banks


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Oct 16, 2017 6:00 PM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
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The Board of Commissioners attended a 5 PM work session to discuss the county ordinance regulating beach driving on Currituck County beaches. County Manager, Dan Scanlon, displayed the current local regulations and the Board began discussion on the possible modification of certain sections. Four-wheel drive beach considerations included shifting the drive lanes to the dune line, implementing a fee-based parking permit system and All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use and permitting. Commercial beach driving regulations, currently permitted south of the fence, were also discussed.

Mr. Scanlon, during discussion, relayed concerns from emergency responders and residents regarding a shift of travel lanes to the dune on the four-wheel drive area; the move may hinder the ability for emergency vehicles to move up and down the beach and personal vehicles would be affected by the additional wear from driving at the dune line. Beach safety and parking were discussed, and the Board asked that a parking pass permit system be developed and brought back for Board review. Staff was also directed to create a plan to shift drive and parking patterns, and the Board stressed that both plans should be developed with safety and the concerns of residents in mind. ATV discussion included the possible institution of a helmet requirement. The Board asked that the ATV ordinance be modified to better define permit eligibility and issuing requirements. The ordinance would also include clarifying language to require vehicles driven on the four-wheel drive beach must have a valid registration.

The Board discussed commercial beach driving, after which they asked for removal of the language that allowed access for all vendors, keeping the ability of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) to secure permits for their use. The Board asked staff to include language to better define the allowable use, location, and size of beach storage lockers, which are frequently rented to guests and left on the beach by vendors in violation the county's ordinance regulating unattended items on the beach.

The work session concluded at 5:45 PM.