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PB 13-12 Moyock Commons, Phase 1-Order of Entry


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Meeting History

Jun 19, 2017 6:00 PM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
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Laurie LoCicero, Assistant Planning Director, reviewed the progression of the request through the Board meeting of June 5, 2017, when staff was asked to compose the Order of Entry for approval of PB 13-12, Moyock Commons. Ms. LoCicero responded to Board questions and clarified conditions within the order, including those related to road improvements and traffic safety. Mr. McRee reviewed the quasi-judicial nature of the item and the evidence which the board is allowed to consider and explained the issuance of a permit is due to those applicants who meet evidence requirements.

Commissioner Etheridge made a motion to accept PB 13-12: Moyock Commons, Phase 1, Order of Entry. Commissioner White seconded the motion which passed by a vote of 6-1, with Commissioner Gilbert voting against.

MOVER:Mary "Kitty" Etheridge, Commissioner
SECONDER:Bob White, Commissioner
AYES:Bobby Hanig, Mike H. Payment, Paul M. Beaumont, Mary "Kitty" Etheridge, Mike D. Hall, Bob White
NAYS:Marion Gilbert