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PB 17-05 Consideration of the Moyock Mega-Site Master Plan


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The Moyock Mega-Site Master Plan is a long-term economic development plan for 3,000 acres in the Moyock Township. The plan covers an area west of NC 168, between the North Carolina/Virginia line and South Mills Road. The proposal balances commercial uses such as retail stores, medical offices, and even locations for high-tech industrial businesses with a variety of residential areas.


Meeting History

Jun 19, 2017 6:00 PM Video Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
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Assistant Planning Director, Laurie LoCicero, provided a brief background on the mega-site master plan and introduced Carroll Collins of Kimley Horn and Associates, the plan's design firm. Using a powerpoint, Mr. Collins provided an overview, displayed a proposed land use map and discussed the various uses incorporated into the plan such as medical, residential, offices, industrial and retail. He addressed the inclusion of a stormwater plan and discussed the wetlands demarcations on the map. Conceptual plan drawings were shown to demonstrate how certain zoning sections may look when developed. Gateway and transportation models were reviewed. Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) revisions and updates related to zoning and land uses were discussed, as well as other steps needed to move forward with the master plan.

Mr. Carroll and Ms. LoCicero responded to questions and clarified aspects of the plan for the Board. Mr. Collins explained the importance of the mega-site plan, as it will attract businesses because it demonstrates the county's commitment to long-term planning and infrastructure investment.

Commissioners discussed new home census projections, schools, landowner development agreements and development phasing as it relates to land values, and transportation projects associated with the mega-site plan. Mr. Collins agreed to provide the Board with a timeline for improvements to South Mills Road, currently under design by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). He spoke of the need to have building design guidelines and standards in place and expects UDO revisions to be completed in nine to twelve months.

Chairman Hanig opened the Public Hearing.

Jennifer Knight of Chesapeake asked about the wetland surveys mentioned during the presentation and Mr. Scanlon said wetland delineations would be performed and signed off by the Army Corp of Engineers as part of the process.

Denise Hall of Moyock asked if Virginia or Chesapeake representatives notified the county or asked for county input prior to developing nearby areas in Virginia. Mr. Scanlon said no, they did not contact the county.

With no others wishing to speak Chairman Hanig closed the Public Hearing.

Commissioner Payment made a motion to adopt the Moyock Megasite Master Plan and move forward with next steps. The motion was seconded by Commissioner White and passed unanimously.

MOVER:Mike H. Payment, Vice Chairman
SECONDER:Bob White, Commissioner
AYES:Bobby Hanig, Mike H. Payment, Paul M. Beaumont, Mary "Kitty" Etheridge, Marion Gilbert, Mike D. Hall, Bob White