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Planning Board Agenda
Recommended Approval
Nov 14, 2017 7:00 PM

PB 17-08 Connect Currituck Pedestrian Master Plan:


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Meeting History

Nov 14, 2017 7:00 PM Video Planning Board Regular Meeting
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Planning and Community Development Director, Laurie LoCicero presented the Connect Currituck Pedestrian Master Plan. Mr. LoCicero said the plan would serve as a guiding document and blueprint for implementation and funding of pedestrian facilities in the county. Ms. LoCicero said she and Tammy Glave have been working on the plan since April 2017 and we would like to get this to the Board of Commissioners as soon as possible. The plan is waiting on final approval from NCDOT after a few minor revisions.

Chairman Bell asked about the cost of the project and Ms. LoCicero said approximately $18,000 with 30 percent of that funded by Currituck County and 70 percent funded by NCDOT. Ms. LoCicero said this plan will be a NCDOT approved plan which will allow us to get sidewalks and pedestrian crossings they are doing work in the county.

Chairman Bell asked for a motion. Mr. O'Brien motioned to approve the Connect Currituck Pedestrian Master Plan, Mr. McColley seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

AYES:Carol Bell, C. Shay Ballance, John McColley, Jeff O'Brien, J. Timothy Thomas
ABSENT:Fred Whiteman, Steven Craddock, Jane Overstreet