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Meeting History

Nov 14, 2017 7:00 PM Video Planning Board Regular Meeting
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Senior Planner, Donna Voliva presented the staff report. Ms. Voliva said the proposed rezoning of approximately 12+/- acres from AG (Agricultural) to GB (General Business) is presented to the board as a conventional zoning map amendment. The 41.35 acre property is currently zoned GB and AG. The existing mobile home park and the self-storage uses are located in the portion of the property zoned GB and the pasture use is located in the area zoned AG (area of the request). The applicant is seeking the rezoning to eliminate the split zoning district on the property. According to the applicant, a community meeting was held at Ponderosa Enterprises, Inc. on June 13, 2017 with no one in attendance. Ms. Voliva referenced the Maple/Barco Small Area Plan and the 2006 Land Use Plan. Ms. Voliva said the plans have compatibility conditions and these are of concern to staff with a conventional rezoning without conditions or a specific plan from Mr. Sawyer. Staff would like to work with the applicant towards a conditional rezoning application.

Chairman Bell asked if any board member had questions for staff. Mr. O'Brien asked if Mr. Sawyer would have to re-apply once he has a plan in place and Ms. Voliva said he would have to re-apply.

Mr. Sawyer from Barco came before the board. He said he has owned the property since 1973 and is requesting the rezoning since there should be some between the citizens and the county. He said he lives on the property so whatever we put on the property will affect us as well. Also, two-thirds of the property is already zoning GB.

Mr. Ballance asked if property is zoned GB and after business is planned does it return t the board for approval. Ms. Voliva said it would come back to the board as a Site Plan or a Use Permit.

Mr. McColley asked Mr. Sawyer if he would be willing to work with the county to come up with a cohesive plan that works on both sides of the road. Mr. Sawyer said he is willing to work with the county.

Mr. Ballance said if we went ahead with the zoning, wouldn't the conditions be addressed in a Site Plan and Ms. Voliva said some would be addressed, but not all.

Chairman Bell closed the public hearing and made a motion to table the applicant's request. Mr. O'Brien seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

AYES:Carol Bell, C. Shay Ballance, John McColley, Jeff O'Brien, J. Timothy Thomas
ABSENT:Fred Whiteman, Steven Craddock, Jane Overstreet