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Jun 13, 2017 7:00 PM

PB 17-05 Moyock Mega Site Master Plan:


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Jun 13, 2017 7:00 PM Video Planning Board Regular Meeting
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Laurie LoCicero, Assistant Planning Director, gave a brief overview of the Moyock Mega Master Plan and introduced Carol Collins with Kimley Horn and Associates. Mr. Collins presented the Moyock Mega-Site Master Plan. The presentation covered the project background, market feasibility recommendations, market feasibility next steps, key elements of the plan, approach and program development, master plan key objectives, gateway development, proposed unified development ordinance revision and master plan next steps.

Mr. McColley asked about the public's positive comments and reservations. Mr. Collins said there were mostly positive comments, but the concerns were stormwater drainage and the school site. Ms. LoCicero said traffic in general was a main concern.

Planning Board discussion was held on the importance of choosing a name for the proposed Moyock Mega-Site as soon as possible. Mr. Whiteman said most citizens in Currituck want controlled growth and this name leads people to believe it is much bigger. Mr. Collins said he has already had discussions with the Currituck County Economic Development Director, Larry Lombardi, about naming the site. Mr. Collins suggested the name change takes place within 60 days of approval by the Board of Commissioners.

Ms. Voliva handed out an email sent by Vic Ramsey of Moyock. Mr. Ramsey was unable to attend, but wanted his views to be heard by the board. Mr. Ramsey said, as a whole, he is in favor of the project since the development of the property is under the purview of a consistent long-range plan, as opposed to single landowners making agreements with individual developers to develop their property without regard to the needs or impacts of the community. His concerns are setting aside 1500 homes and only having 50 acres for public education. Mr. Ramsey believes the school site should be 100 acres, unless the commissioners plan to purchase land outside the project for future use as an educational complex. Also, Mr. Ramsey would like one of the parcels set aside for public use to be sufficient size to house a recreation center similar to the YMCA in Barco.

Chairman Bell opened the public hearing.

Mike Zimmerman of Moyock appeared before the board in opposition. Mr. Zimmerman showed concern for the population growth in relation to the available schools. He said Moyock has nine subdivisions being built right now and not enough schools.

With no further speakers, Chairman Bell closed the public hearing and asked for a motion.

Mr. Craddock motioned to adopt the Moyock Mega-Site Master Plan because it promotes orderly development, its in the public interest, it controls growth and would be an asset to our county. Mr. McColley seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Whiteman had a post comment on the school concerns. Ms. Voliva said the schools set the student capacities. Some of the determining factors are the maximum capacities of the library, cafeteria and the gym in each school. Ms. Voliva said you can add additional classrooms, but if these three areas are not large enough, the added classrooms do not matter. The school system provides the daily enrollment numbers for current and planning capacity. Then the Planning Department takes the number of proposed subdivision lots and there is a formula based off of a study. Right now, we are okay with the projected enrollment and do not need an additional school. Schools cannot be built until we go over the maximum capacities in order to have students to attend the new schools. Also, the State will only fund a certain number of faculty positions per a certain number of students in the school. The county would have to pick up the additional cost. Something that might change our current need is legislation on the table from the State mandating a lower class size and this could affect Currituck County Schools by causing redistricting of lines.

AYES:Carol Bell, Fred Whiteman, C. Shay Ballance, Steven Craddock, John McColley, Jeff O'Brien, Jane Overstreet
ABSENT:J. Timothy Thomas